Gummy Penis Candy

Gummy Penis Variations

Traditional Gummy Penis Candy
Thetraditional gummy penis is slightly larger than a gummy bear. Besides being a life saver for maids of honor, the traditional gummy penis is the most popular variety in the gummy penis family. With lineage in the German gummy bear and the American fruit snack, the traditional gummy penis doesn’t fall far from the tree: it is just over half an inch in length and comes in the flavors that are standard to both candy and fruit snacks: cherry, lemon, lime, orange, etc.. The difference between the gummy bear and the gummy penis is that while a gummy penis is a penis, gummy bears merely havepenises. The gummy penis has become a necessary horderve to serve at bachelorette parties all around the world. Gummy penises are manufactured by novelty retailers such as Pipedream Products and Rude Food, and can be purchased for less than five dollars through online bachelorette party supplies retailers such as

Sour Gummy Penis Candy
One need not forget thesour sugar-coated gummy penis. Don’t let that granular coating fool you! Although these gummy penises have the distinct appearance of a Sour Patch Kid (besides the fact that they are shaped like penises), there’s nothing childish about these anatomical confections! It’s sour sugar on top, so you can still feel safe serving them up to the gentler sex. Besides the extra sugar, the sour sugar-coated gummy penis varies in only one other way from the traditional gummy penis: they come in three flavors, and traditional gummy penises come in four flavors.

Giant Gummy Penis Candy
The giant edible gummy penis is an incredible surprise! Imported from the UK (where “jelly” means “gummy” and “wanker” means “penis”) the giant gummy penis is like a huge strawberry-flavored penis made of gummy material! It’s not at all like a fruit snack–the giant gummy penis is 8 solid inches of 100% pure traditional gummy love! And you can’t forget about The World’s Largest Gummy Penis! The World’s Largest Gummy Penis was created in 2011, using 6 pounds of gummy raspberries and a penis ice mould.